Windows Embedded Standard provides the full Win32 API and is available for x86 processors. We are always updated with the latest desktop computers available. IBM Power Systems is built with the first processor designed for big data workloads. Choose IBM Power Systems for combining the computing power, memory bandwidth and I/O in ways that are easier to consume and manage, building on strong resiliency, availability and security. Build robust IT infrastructure for executives by intalling our top of the line Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktops and Notebooks


A Server is a computer which plays essential part of Information Technology Infrastructure for any Business Segment. Technical specification of the server computer varies according to the business application requirements. Datasoft has wide range of Server portfolio; starting from Single CPU Socket entry level servers to High end multi socket scalable and solid servers in both x86 and Risk based architectures.

Datasoft being a Premier Business Partner for IBM, represents entire IBM Server product range viz., IBM System X (Intel Platform), IBM System P (IBM Power Processor platform), IBM System I( Formerly AS400 Systems), IBM PureFlex Systems, IBM PureApplication Systems, IBM PureData Systems, IBM BladeCenter Blades, etc.

Datasoft also represents itself as Business Partner for HP and Dell Direct Partner for their respective server systems.

IBM PureSystems

IBM System X

IBM System P


In information technology world, storage is an equally important part. There are various types of storage systems used in variety of applications such as Disk Based Storage, Tape Based Storage and Flash Storage. Performance and Capacity goes hand in hand while designing or sizing a Disk Storage Solution and on other side Scalability and Automation are the needs of a Tape Storage Solution.

Datasoft has wide expertise in designing storage systems for various industry segments, starting from Entry Disk and Tape Systems to High Range Disk, Virtual Tape Libraries, Deduplication appliances etc.

We offer IBM’s System Storage DS3500, DS5000, Storwize V7000, DS3700, XIV, IBM N Series in disk storage systems and IBM TS3100, TS3200, IBM TS7560G ProtecTIER in tape storage systems.

We also have Network Storage systems from NetApp on our portfolio. Besides this we do represent NAS devices from brands such as iOMEGA, Synology, QNAP, etc.

Synology NAS

IBM Tape System 3200



IBM DS3500

IBM N Series Storage

IBM Storwize V7000

Desktops, Laptops & Thinclients


  • Lenovo ThinkCentre Desktops
  • Lenovo Thinkpad Notebooks
  • Lenovo Ideapad Notebooks
  • Lenovo Value Line Notebooks


  • Vostro 270s
  • Vostro Desktop 270MT
  • Optiplex 3010
  • Optiplex 7010
  • Optiplex 9010 All In One
  • X-Series NAS - Network Storage System

(Thin Computing):

  • Thin Computing delivers the productivity people need, at a lower cost than traditional methods, all without compromising security or manageability.

    Thin Computing replaces the PC with a Thin or Zero Client, making it easier for IT to manage user desktops by moving their complexity to the datacenter.

  • Intel® Itanium® Processor Based Servers Thin clients are compact, energy efficient and productive desktops with all the dynamic user-experience of a PC — without the day-to-day complexities.

Wyse Thinclients Hardware:    

  • Linux Thinclient
  • THinclient with Wyse OS
  • Zero Clients

  • Thinclients with Windows CE
  • Windows XP Embedded Thinclients
  • Windows Embedded Standard Thinclient
  • Desktop Appliance
  • Citrix Xen Desktop

N Computing:

  • Tape Drives
  • Autoloaders & Libraries
  • MSA Storage Arrays
  • MSA Enclosures/JBODs
  • All-in-One Storage Systems
  • X-Series NAS - Network Storage System

VXL Thin Clients:

  • Vtona Zero Client
  • Xtona Zero Client
  • Windows CE6
  • Sylph-OS
  • WES 2009
  • WES 7-E

Printing and Imaging Solutions

Datasoft is authorized Sub-Distributor for Xerox printing solutions. We offer printing solutions from Epson, Hewlett Packard as well. Printing solutions portfolio includes Dot Matrix Printers, Inkjet Printers, Color and Monochrome Laser Printer, Plotters, Multifunction Printers, Copiers, Document and Image Scanners etc.

HP Designjet Printers

Epson Printers

Epson Scanners

Xerox Printers


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