Datasoft offer IBM’s System Storage DS3500, DS5000, Storwize V7000, DS3700, XIV, IBM N Series in disk storage systems and IBM TS3100, TS3200, IBM TS7560G ProtecTIER in tape storage systems and are pioneers of IBM Cloud Storage. Simplify your network and accelerate server infrastructure deployments with our Vistualization and Cloud solutions. You can increase budget efficiency, improve responsiveness and simplify IT related operations.

Run multiple operating systems simultaneously including Windows 8, windows server, Ubuntu, Redhat Linux, etc using our VMware workstation 8

Virtualization & Cloud

Invention of Multi-Core High Performance Processors by largest x- 86 processor manufacturer Intel, is leading to underutilized single application Server Sprawl in the Datacenters. Enterprises are spending huge amounts in maintaining, managing these servers. Energy costs for power and cooling these servers is also huge.

Not only servers, but the enterprise Data is also growing in size at the speed like never before. Not all but few of the Data types require higher disk IOPS. Customers keep on adding disks to the existing storage to increase the IOPS; however at the same time the capacity demands are also increasing. This is resulting in Capital Expenditure once again.

Networking equipments also do not have a different story to tell here. Today’s end point devices are demanding multiple services, bandwidth and scalability at the same time.

Virtualization comes to the rescue here. We at Datasoft offer you Virtualization solutions based on your requirements. We have technology tie-ups with industry leaders in Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization and Network Virtualization segments.

Our highly skilled and certified team members help you in designing a best suited solution for your specific requirements. We have Certified Pre-sales and Post sales Implementation and support team.

Needless to say, we help you build a Robust, Highly Available, Automated, easily Manageable, and Energy Efficient Green Datacenter.

Our Service Areas in Virtualization.

  • 1. Assessment of existing IT Infrastructure.
  • 2. TCO/ROI Analysis of the Infrastructure.
  • 3. Consultancy and Implementation of the Technology.
  • 4. Server, Storage, Network and Desktop Virtualization.

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Messaging & Collaboration

All businesses rely on effective electronic communication systems. Emails, Voice, Calendaring and Collaboration tools have became essentials for businesses including SMBs. We at Datasoft have expertise in designing Messaging and Collaboration Systems based on Microsoft Exchange Server, VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite, IBM Lotus Domino and also on mDaemon, Postmaster etc. We also offer Cloud based Messaging Solutions for SMBs who do not want to build their own messaging infrastructure and which is also Cost effective.

Our Service Areas in Messaging & Collaboration

  • 1. End to End Designing of Messaging Solution.
  • 2. Implementation & Support Services.
  • 3. Migration of Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • 4. Backup and disaster recovery solution for messaging infrastructure.

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DR/BCP & Backup Solutions

Today’s businesses completely rely on Information Technology as the flow of information has changed the way of doing business for people around the world. Information is a backbone of every system. In today’s challenging and competitive business environments, business continuity plays major role as unavailability of the information even for a minute can cause disaster.

We at Datasoft understand this and help you design a better Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plans which is customized according to your business requirements.

Data Backup is very important and first step in the business continuity planning. We have technology tie-ups with industry leaders such as IBM for Tivoli Storage Manager, Symantec for Backup Exec, Vision Solutions for Double-Take, CA for Arc Serve, Quest for Net Vault etc. Our presales technical experts can help you in correctly size and design an affordable and easy, data backup and recovery solution.

Our High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions are tested and proven on any platform in any combination such as Physical, Virtual or Cloud.

Our solution array has below products from leading brands.

  • 1. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  • 2. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback & Fastback Workstation
  • 3. Symantec Backup Exec.
  • 4. CA Arcserve
  • 5. Vision Solutions Double Take
  • 6. Quest – Netvault and vRanger
  • 7. Sanovi DRM / Replication solutions

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Network & Security

End to End Solutions From architecting a secure strategy to deploying an effective, secure Solution, we understand the internal and external threats concerned with your digital assets. That’s why our technologists can devise a practical and workable security solution for your organizational needs.

Sonicwall, Juniper, Checkpoint, Cisco, ISS


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Symantec, Web Washer

Symantec, Pawaa, RSA

Barracuda, Cisco, Dlink, Huwawei, Linksys, Netgear, etc.

Surveillance camera solutions and other security.

Technology Consultancy & Services

Technology Consultancy and Services – Our team get engaged with you to help you in doing Sizing and Planning of IT Infrastructure. We cover all the elements of IT such as Physical Infrastructure, Virtual Infrastructure, Network Infrastructure, Platform, Information Security and DR/BCP/Backup Systems in our consultancy services.
We help you in building an enterprise class solution best suited for your business requirements and optimizing existing infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.

Technology Implementation Services – We have team of Engineers who are certified on various Technologies Such as Server, SAN, Data Storage, Networking, Security Products, Virtualization and Cloud by Industry Leaders like IBM, CISCO Systems, Microsoft, VMware, and Barracuda. This team of engineers of ours is responsible for undertaking implementation projects.
We undertake implementations of following technology products.

  1. Server Hardware Integration and Implementation.
  2. SAN and NAS Storage such as IBM, EMC, NetApp etc.
  3. SAN Fabric Switch implementation (Brocade, CISCO and McData)
  4. Microsoft Windows Cluster Implementation.
  5. Microsoft Hyper-V Implementation.
  6. VMWare vSphere Implementation.
  7. Microsoft Exchange Server , IBM Lotus Domino and VMware Zimbra implementation.
  8. Microsoft Active Directory Design, Implementation and Migration.
  9. Backup Solutions from IBM Tivoli, CA ArcServe, Symentec Backup Exec, NetVault.
  10. Microsoft RDP implementation Services.
  11. Managed LAN implementation using CISCO, HP Procurve and D-Link products.
  12. Firewall Implementations for Forti gate, Gaj shield and Sonic wall products.
  13. Conducting Network and Systems vulnerability assessment test.
  14. Antivirus implementation.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services – We help you to design a effective Disaster Recovery planning and Business Continuity procedures best suited to your recovery time objectives.
Network Restructuring – It does not matter how complex your current network infrastructure is, we help you design a right network topology right from Physical Layer i.e. the LAN Cabling.

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